Wat Benjamabopit

Wat Benjamabopit (Marble Temple) The most famous attraction in the area of Dusit, and one of the best examples of modern architecture in Thailand, the temple is marble on Sri Ayuthaya Road near the Chitral. Wat was built by Benjamabopit Rama V, at the turn of the century to replace an old temple demolished to enlarge the Dusit Palace. Designed by the king's halfbrother, elegant com plex is largely on the potential target of March imported from Carrara Italy, hence the popular nickname Marble Temple.

Wat Benjamabopit is open every day from sun up to 1700. Admission is B10. The watis most visited in the early hours of the morning when the monks gather to residents collect alms and singing in the chapel. Services are also held in the late evening.

Bot: Beyond the unusual ornamental railing that surrounds the complex is a central hallway with multiple overlapping roofs, and two small pavilions containing Bronze Buddha seated under a naga and a white alabaster image of im ported Myanmar. The four facades are elaborately carved with Vishnu directional walking Garuda (east), the elephant threeheaded Er Awan (north), that a unalom represents the dryness of the Buddha's forehead (west) and a Wheel of Law (south). Protection of the robot are two marble lions sitting in the mythical Burmese position. Considered as a unified whole, Wat Benjamabopit is' a masterpiece excellent harmony and pleasing symmetry.

Which dominates the interior is a great state gold eu Pra Chinarat Buddha, a excellent example of the highly revered image Phitsanutok. A box under the is the altar of the ashes of King Chu latongkorn while in niches around the center of the wall central image, nave and transept contains the famous murals of prangs and chedis Sawankalok, Ayuthaya, Nakhon Pathom, Nakhon Si Tham Marat, Lamphun, Nakhon Phanom and Lop bun. We also took note of the vibrant and distinctive windows designed by artists Siamese but developed in Florence, Italy.

Statues Gallery: Perhaps the most famous sight in the Temple of the marble you outstanding collection of 53 statues of Buddha is displayed in the rear cloisters. To submit a complete iconog ing his subjects, King met Chulafongkorn dera together in one place the best examples, both originals and copies of bronze Buddhas in the world. Taken together, they provide an incredible opportunity to study the artistic development and joint development of styles from Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, China and Japan. Each has been carefully labeled with the country origin and the period-better school of art! Notables include masterpieces Buddha cast of an original hunger in Lahore, the two standing Buddhas Sukothai Period, Myanmar Bagan images, copies of Japanese and Chinese Buddhas, rare stone images Dvaravati protected against theft of iron grids.

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